Comming seminars

  • Igor Sedlár (ICS CAS): Two approaches to non-classical modal logic

    27.3.2019 16:00 @ Applied Mathematical Logic

    Two prominent approaches to non-classical modal logic are the lattice-valued one, using Kripke frames and valuation functions mapping formula-state pairs to a lattice of truth- values, and the relational one, extending frame semantics for non-classical logics|usually given by means of so-called Routley{Meyer frames|by additional accessibility relations corresponding to modal operators. In this talk, I outline some preliminary results on the relationship between these two approaches. Using elementary dualities between residuated lattices and Routley{Meyer frames, I show that the logic of all modal associative Routley{ Meyer frames is the logic of all Kripke frames with valuations in complete distributive FL-algebras.